• NFC reader

    • NFC Contactless Reader Modules
    • Multi-protocol 13.56MHz RFID technology
    • Support ISO14443A/B, Mifare, FeliCa & NFC
  • APP software

    • Embedded Linux Development
    • Android Applications Development
  • Design Services

    • NFC & Contactless Reader Reference design
    • High-frequency circuits & RF designs
    • Digital Consumer and Industrial designs
    • Automotive applications
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  • STYL's engineering team has a highly successful track record of supporting South East Asian and Japanese customers. We have successfully co-developed products with key consumer and industrial electronics customers. Our expertise are in wireless technologies NFC, Wifi, Bluetooth , 3G/GPRS and GPS.


STYL Solutions offers full support and outsource Services for productizing from concept, superior Design, Quality, Cost and Time to Market. Our comprehensive services include full turnkey assembly, full PCBA design and production, fast prototyping, and collaborative DFM and DFT review with customer. STYL also provides Software / Firmware development and testing.

With this ONE-STOP shop offering the above complete service coverage, we are able to provide excellent best-in-class support to customers to help "Simplify Technologies" in providing Solutions to serve their target markets.


Our expertise includes areas in :

Application Software for Android/IOS

Embedded/PC software and testing

Reference board support

Module design

Prototyping and product testing

Welcome to STYL Solutions Pte Ltd

  • STYL – Simplify Technologies for YOUR Lifestyle
  • Established in 2008
  • To provide cost effective solutions and services around wireless communications and security applications targeting for mobile, consumer and industrial applications
  • Work closely with major semiconductors companies to simplify technologies for the market
  • STYL's engineering team is formed by experienced Marketing, Project Managers and Development Engineers with successful track records in managing, supporting and developing products for Asia customers.
  • Average team members experience in the industry is more than 12 years
  • Strong link with major components suppliers, Distributors, PCB suppliers, manufacturing.
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NFC readers

NFC Reader module

STYL design and support various requirement on NFC Contactless Reader Modules, in either complete casing or PCBA level. Working on multi-protocol 13.56MHz RFID technology, these readers are developed to support various contactless protocols such as ISO14443 Type A and B, Mifare, FeliCa and NFC. These readers are CCID enabled.


1) STYL33MUE013
with miniature structure, it is easy to embed into devices to enable NFC functionality.
2) STYL33MUE014
desktop reader with USB mini socket.  
3) STYL63CUT020
desktop reader with 2 LEDs.
4) STYL63CUT021
Coming soon: desktop reader with 2 x 3 LED windows.


APP software

Andriod Applications in Google play

NFC Wifi-Handover: nowsaday, Wifi Signal is everywhere, ... and they are providing Wifi-connect service to user in a protection way: using Hard-coded Key or using random-genearated key ... We have a better way to improve the whole process, by providing this application to support Phone's user to connect to public Wifi Access Point Automatically by Tap the phone to the a Tag which is stick somewhere in the interest place, thanks to NFC technology.

CEPAS Reader: This App is a useful for all Singaporean and Tourism to On-The-Go monitor CEPAS Card status such as Card Balance, Card Expire date,... as well as to monitor last 30 Transactions history by using an NFC Android Phone

NFC Image viewer: This app is to read the images prestore in a NFC Tag and display on Phone's Screen

NFC Bluetooth Handover: Read more under our services on Application software for Android >> Android downloads